As an international fellowship of pastors and ministers from around the globe, our mission is to fulfill the Great Commission - to seek and to save the lost. It is through the preaching and teaching of the Word, anchored and united by faith, that we do the work of the ministry. 
The vision of the International Ministries Fellowship (IMF) is to provide fellowship, leadership, training, guidance and spiritual covering for those desiring a standard of excellence in ministry.

This organization will create a more excellent forum for national and international Pastors and Ministers who desire a close mentoring relationship. There must be a willingness to submit to godly counsel, ethical and financial accountability standards. IMF will create a forum to pool Kingdom resources to help develop the potential and maximize the productivity of all member ministries.

We are a Fellowship
IMF is a non-profit corporation, IMF is governed by its bylaws and headed by its Board of Directors, of which (Bishop) Dr. Ronald L. Hamm is President. Corporate headquarters are located at 2935 Rosebud Rd #515 Loganville, Georgia.  
Although it serves as a spiritual covering for its members, IMF is not a denomination. It does not govern any of its member-ministries. Each ministry operates personally, privately and independently of IMF, and the member-ministry has no required reporting accountability to this organization. However, as members of the Body of Christ, all should live lives representative of Christ and above reproach. Therefore, IMF and its leadership strongly believe, teach and exemplify a high standard of integrity, Godly character and moral excellence, and encourages that standard to be duplicated throughout its membership.
In addition to fellowshipping and worshipping together, another goal of the IMF is to strengthen and build the local ministry through a series of worship services and in-depth workshops and seminars designed not only for the pastor/minister, but church staff and auxiliary workers as well. A series of excellent ministerial and staff development workshops conducted by highly skilled professionals specializing in key areas of ministry operations are conducted during convention week. These include operations such as new members assimilation and retention, church administration, Christian school development and education, finance, and youth ministries. A variety of seminars targeted at developing and expanding the ministry of helps are also held. A broad scope of information and training in the practical ministry of the Word is available at all levels.

1. Fellowship among ministers. 
The power of unity should never be underestimated, and unity is fostered through ongoing and genuine fellowship between those of like precious faith. Through our fellowship we develop deeper acquaintances that build lasting friendships, share knowledge and gifts that encourage, strengthen and support one another, and experience a camaraderie that truly makes us family. Fellowship is a powerful weapon that emboldens the Body of Christ and, most especially, those called to the work of the ministry. 

2. A covering for ministers and to provide credibility and accountability derived from being a part of a larger fellowship of ministries. 
Every minister should have someone with experience in ministry and a good reputation that the minister may go to for advice and/or counsel. Whether it be a ministry question or if the minister finds himself or herself in contradiction to God’s Word, an avenue has been opened where the minister can confide, confess, repent and receive love and sound biblical advice without the threat of being unduly exposed. 

3. Annual Convention and Regional Conferences 
The Annual Convention serves as our yearly convocation designed for the purpose of focused ministry and training in key areas of ministry including pastoral development, church administration, and the ministry of helps. Regional conferences serve as exceptional opportunities for increased fellowship through a more intimate environment. Evening after-service receptions provide an excellent way to end the day through excellent one-on-one fellowship that strengthens our unity. 

4. A resource of information, education, and direction. 
IMF members can obtain valuable information and direction to enhance his/her ministry from the home office at Resurrection Life Worship Center and other established and proven ministries. 

5. Ordination 
Ordination by Dr. Ronald L. Hamm and the IMF Board of Directors is available to all IMF members who have been members for one year or more and meet IMF qualifications for ordination. 

6. Access to staff and local contacts. 
Questions regarding administrative procedures, as well as in other areas, can be answered by seasoned staff members of local ministries, when needed. 

7. Magazines and monthly newsletter published by IMF. 
The IMF Newsletter, which is published twice annually and newsletters allow members to keep themselves informed about the progress of their ministries. They also cover the annual conventions and other special events. 

8. A directory of all IMF member churches for referral. 
Provides members with an avenue for keeping in touch with one another. It also provides a list of churches in other states and countries from which we refer members who are relocating or visiting a particular area. The prospective visitor or member can attend a service and then decide if that is the ministry whereby he or she can be ministered to, learn, and grow in the things of God. 

9. Preferred or reserved seating at conventions and regional conferences. 
Members can enjoy the privilege of preferred or reserved seating at any IMF event. 

10. Member discounts. 
Every IMF member is eligible for a 15% discount on all IMF teaching ministry products. 
Membership Procedures

The requirements for membership in the International Ministries Fellowship are that the applicant must:
Express a general belief in the fundamental tenets expressed in our Statement of Faith.
Have a definite call to ministry in one of the five-fold offices 
Be active in the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ either on a full- or part-time basis

To apply for membership, the applicant must:
Return the completed application along with the non-refundable $25.00 application fee directly to IMF at the address indicated on the application form 
Provide two recommendations completed by a credentialed (ordained) pastor or head of ministry who is in full-time ministry 

Note: Both recommendations must be sent directly to IMF. These documents are confidential and should be returned to us by the person completing the form. They should not be included along with your application.

Your application will be processed once all components have been received. After preliminary review of the application and recommendations, a decision will be made for membership.

You cannot become a member before your application has been approved. Therefore, please do not send the $100.00 annual membership fee until after you have received written notice of approval of your application. This process takes approximately 30 days to complete.
Once your annual membership fee has been received, you will become an official member of IMF for one year.

As a member you will receive:
Certificate of Membership 
Wallet-size Membership Card 
Membership Directory 
Membership Binder 
Members Only Internet Page 
Annual Convention Members/Spouses Registration 
Year-round IMF Members Discount 
Ordination Certification 

Also, IMF members are very dear to Dr. Ronald Hamm’s heart. Therefore, IMF members and their spouses have priority access to Dr. Hamm should you and/or your spouse desire private counsel.

Annual Membership Renewal
Thank you for spending this time with us. Through your membership in IMF you can share with pastors and ministers in a dynamic organization created to help build and strengthen those called as ministry gifts to the Church. We invite you to a part of this most vital labor of love. We are THE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES FELLOWSHIP and we are…Promoting the Spirit of Excellence!
If you have any questions or desire further information about The International Ministries Fellowship, you may email us from our Website or contact the IMF Office at: US: (770-557-7910

Apply For Membership
1. Who is responsible for IMF?
Apostle Ronald Hamm, founder.

2. Who can be a member of IMF?
Any licensed minister of the Gospel including pastors, assistant pastors, heads of ministries, and those commissioned in any capacity of the five-fold ministry. Spouses will be considered honorary members, unless they choose to join IMF as an official member with all the right and privileges afforded full membership.
IMF is open to men and women who are in. We do not discriminate against any race, ethnic background, or members of denominations or independent groups.

3. How may I join IMF?
Simply complete the application. 

The Triune God - The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit. 
Jesus Christ is true God and true man
The Holy Spirit is a Divine Person
The Old and New Testaments are God's Divinely Inspired Words
All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God and are in need of salvation
Salvation has been provided in the redemptive work of Christ and is available to every believer
It is the Will of God that every believer is filled with the Holy Spirit
Healing is provided in the redemptive work of Christ and is available to every believer
The Church consists of all those who have received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior
There shall be a bodily resurrection of the just and of the unjust
We believe in the personal, visible, imminent return of Jesus Christ
We believe in water baptism and observance of the Lord's Supper 


Qualifications for Daughter/Son-ship 
1. Spiritual Son-ship is not necessarily a physical relationship, but a spiritual relationship. 
2. There must be a birthing within the heart or spirit of a spiritual Son or Daughter which produces such a relationship in them. (i.e.,Vision, Assignment, Revelation). 
3. From the heart a member must respect and honor the person you are seeking fathering. A son/daughter should willingly submit and serve by means of responding when called upon and yielding ministry gifts. 
4. A son/daughter must be willing to receive correction in righteousness from Apostle Hamm. 
5. A son/daughter must be willing to support the ministry physically and financially. 
6. Each son/daughter must make public confession of son-ship. 
7. All IMF members must be willing to be inducted into the organization according to the policies, procedures and guidelines of the organization. 
8. Revelation knowledge will be produced on the inside as a result of consistently listening to tapes, reading material that God has permitted Dr. Hamm to produce, and coming to meetings where he speaks. 
9. Members are EXPECTED to attend member events.